Wednesday, April 28, 2010

On the Road Again!

Bloomingdale was a Success! They loved us sooo much they extended our run for 2 extra days! It's always good to know you're doing a good job. In fact one of the management team at the Bloomingdale Costco loved my pink castle from the Once Upon a Castle cartridge that he wanted a "boy" castle for his 1 year old son John. Adam wants to build a castle in his basement for John and having a bit of resistance from his wife and thinks this just might help! It turned out awesome! You can actually make a 3-D castle! I made John's with grays and blue-gray papers and made a banner across the front that said King John's Castle. And I put it on a piece of cardboard with green grass and even a moat! I sure hope it helps. Luckily this is my local Costco that I shop frequently so I can check with Adam to see if it worked!
Next I go to Merrillville Indiana to do a show. I'm probably putting too many letters in there so I'll have to check but it should be a fun show.
The Cricut Cake comes out this weekend and the excitement is growing! It will be demo'd at various local craft stores so check out to see exactly where. It should be listed on the website. I can't wait!!!

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Anonymous said...

Where's the PHOTO of this castle, my friend?