Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Cricut Imagine

Just got home from the Cricut Gala at CHA and I got a certificate for an IMAGINE! It is the new machine from Provo Craft. It is a joint project between PC and HP. It not only cuts the images but prints too. Colors, colors, and more colors!!! So now, when I am doing my demos and someone asks me "is it a printer??" I can finally say "YES!!!!" lol I can't wait for it to come so I can play with it!!!

Got to meet up with some awesome friends too! Jennifer from CraftTest Dummies, Lisa Falduto of PaperFashions Boutiques, Pinky- a Cricut Circle design team member, Erin Schlosser of Schlosser Designs, Sesil Chavez- a fellow demoer!! Had a fantastic time and can't wit for Friday's events!!!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

How Time Flies

Goodness- I;m way behind in my posts and so much has happened in the last 3 weeks!! I demo'd the Cricut at several Staple Stores in Boston. Never been there--very nice town. Ended up staying an extra night since there was so much bad weather here in Chicago which continued when I got home. Lost electricity for quite a while. Luckily it wasn't very hot. Then the following weekend I got to go to Denver to demo the Cricut Cake. Once again, I've never been there before and I just loved it. My mom lived there when she was little and told me it was pretty but you don't appreciate thing like that until you see them. I love being able to travel for my job. I get to meet so many people.
Speaking of Criciut, has anyone joined the 'Circle?" Of course I did and the cartridge is pretty. I'm anxious to see how the rest of the year pans out. I love new things. Oh, that reminds me- the Cricut Lite cartridges that are exclusive to Walmart. Of course the Walmart closest to me does not have them- sounds like a plot to me-so I have to travel around to get them! Torture.
Another big thing that happened was that I turned 50! A half century old. That sounds old but you know what? I don't feel old and I think I'm happier than I've ever been. My kids are awesome, my husband is great and I love my job---what more can you ask? I live in a great neighborhood with fun friends, have many people I love who love me, I really feel blessed. And that's a good thing.