Wednesday, April 28, 2010

On the Road Again!

Bloomingdale was a Success! They loved us sooo much they extended our run for 2 extra days! It's always good to know you're doing a good job. In fact one of the management team at the Bloomingdale Costco loved my pink castle from the Once Upon a Castle cartridge that he wanted a "boy" castle for his 1 year old son John. Adam wants to build a castle in his basement for John and having a bit of resistance from his wife and thinks this just might help! It turned out awesome! You can actually make a 3-D castle! I made John's with grays and blue-gray papers and made a banner across the front that said King John's Castle. And I put it on a piece of cardboard with green grass and even a moat! I sure hope it helps. Luckily this is my local Costco that I shop frequently so I can check with Adam to see if it worked!
Next I go to Merrillville Indiana to do a show. I'm probably putting too many letters in there so I'll have to check but it should be a fun show.
The Cricut Cake comes out this weekend and the excitement is growing! It will be demo'd at various local craft stores so check out to see exactly where. It should be listed on the website. I can't wait!!!

Monday, April 26, 2010


Been demoing the Cricut at the Bloomingdale Costco and having such a great time! All the employees have been so nice and helpful. Saturday was hat day so of course I decided we had to participate! I made a crown from the Once Upon A Princess and wore it all day! Added a little glitter and my crown was a hit! I offered to make some crowns for some of the guys who "forgot" but they declined!!! lol They have been doing our restocking which is also a very nice thing. It's really cool because it's the Costco I shop at so I feel like family. In fact, since we didn't have product on Wednesday they asked us to stay Monday THEN they asked us to stay Tuesday and Wednesday too but we've been cleared for Tuesday only. It's kinda cool. We've been very successful so hopefully we'll be able to come back to Bloomingdale in the not so distant future. Dana called and asked me to go to Merrilville and work a show for 4 days so I'll be there over the weekend then back for a few days then Bedford Park OR Issaqua Washington. We'll see what happens.

I'm tired and have a long day tomorrow so I'm going to hit the sack. I love my job!!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Spring Fling

The weekend crop is over and it was a success!! I taught 2 classes and hopefully my students learned some things. I know I did. I like teaching technique classes. We had a mexican dinner from North of the Border that was yummy. Karen really goes over the top with her raffles and gifts and food. She will start tomorrow working on the next crop! She is constantly on the look for things for her "girls" to make the crops special. You should see all the stuff in my basement for future crops! This last crop she had make-up cases. She was only able to get a certain amount from one store so she drove to several other stores to pick up enough so everyone would have the same thing. She worries about having enough things in the raffle baskets and having enough prizes for contests and having at least something for everyone. No, she doesn't make any money on the crops. Just the opposite. She puts her heart and soul into these crops and she loves it. She knows she can't please everyone but she sure as hell tries her hardest. That's what makes her crops the best! So next time please make sure to give her an extra Thanks!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Have I told you lately that I love my job? Well, I do. Teaching people to use the Cricut is so fulfilling. I get so excited to see them get excited. Then the ideas start to roll around and everybody there gets's the snowball effect. Then with each new cartridge I learn something new to pass on and people teach me things too. That's what this industry is all about. The exchange of ideas and teaching techniques to best express our memories. My direct boss is Tammy and she is such a sweetie. she has such a job trying to keep track of so many people and shows, schedules, stores. I don't envy her but I hope she gets to steal some time for herself. That's important to do.


SPRING CAME!!! Or maybe I should say summer is poking it's head out. It is 72 out and beautiful!! I was sitting outside putting together flowers for the crop this weekend. It's going to be so much fun. That is if I can remember everything! Old brain is in my head today! List is somewhere!!
Then on Wednesday the Bloomingdale Costco Road Show starts!!! I'm so excited! We'll have the gypsy, the expressions, awesome cartridges and a really good essentials kit. Oh, did anybody catch the Cricut Cake last night on HSN???? OMG it is amazing! I've taken several of the Wilton classes and have sold cakes but this is such a different level! If you saw it you'd understand when I say that the snowflake cake was my favorite! I would use the snowflake on the Accent Essential cartridge since it is my favorite snowflake, ever!!! Of course my husband said I don't need it. I even used the "power tool" phrase and he gave me "the look." I also told him I need it for my job. Well, he doesn't feel well so I'll wait a little bit. I have my fingers crossed.
Ok, out to lunch with a friend then back to making spring flowers!!!

Sunday, April 11, 2010


Actually this is Vegas Part 2! While I was in Vegas I actually played the roulette wheel. My neighbor had given me $5 to put on #11. So, I had never been to Vegas and had never played Roulette, my friend Sesil had to teach me. We walked up to the table and I put $5 on #11 and it hit! Paid $175!!!! So, then I put the $5 on #7, my favorite number and that hit too!!! Another $175!!! I walked away. I'm not stupid. Put that money aside, kept the chip for good luck and went to play the penny slots. Love the Goldfish Game! lol
They asked me to do a show in Tucson so I flew straight there instead of coming home. So instead of having Easter with my husband and kids I had it with my parents which was nice. Except, we were sitting there watching Cops on TV when I felt something really weird. At first I thought I was having a seizure. No, I don't normally have seizures, but you never know. Then I thought my dad was having one and banging against the wall so I looked over at him but he was fine. I looked out the window to see if something was going on out there. Nothing. so I kept quiet. Then my dad said, "Did you feel that??," Thank God, I told him because I thought I was having a seizure!! He turned CNN on and we found out that there was an earthquake in Baja! Wow! It lasted for a bit. Very bizarre. I had missed the one earlier this year in Illinois but this one I felt. My parents live in Coolidge AZ between Tucson and Arizona.
The Tucson Show went well! Weather was great and the people were very receptive.


Well, busy several weeks! Was in Vegas for a training session for the new Provo Craft Costco Road Show program. Learned all about the Cricut Cake and am so excited about it! It is completely food safe so you can cut fondant, gumpaste, frosting sheets, fruit roll-ups, hard cheeses, lunch meats, etc into all kinds of shapes and sizes. Your cakes and cupcakes will look amazing! The machine is made of stainless steel and the can use all the cricut cartridges as well as the special cake decorating cartridges. I can't wait to play with it! I also got to use the Yudo machine. It is the silk-screening machine that allows you to use any design to silk-screen on all kinds of materials. I was able to place a beautiful heart on a tote to carry the huge training manual they gave us. Clever huh??? The YourStory book binding machine is kinda cool too. It heats up glue so it binds pages together. Albums are available and you can put your own inner pages or you can you your own sheets and just buy the glue strips. That's a great idea for making pads of notepaper! Reduce, reuse, recycle!! I've got some great ideas for gifts. The cuttlebug, which of course I've owned since it first came out years ago, has some amazing dies coming out soon, They emboss as well as cut and it still uses dies from all the other companies. Talk about a multi-purpose tool. Their embossing folders give the crispest clearest embossing I've ever seen.

If you are near the Bloomingdale Illinois Costco April 21-25th come see the Provo Craft demo! We'll have wonderful prices on the Cricut Expressions, cartridges, the Gypsy and a great Essentials Bundle! Stop in and say HI!!!