Monday, April 19, 2010

Spring Fling

The weekend crop is over and it was a success!! I taught 2 classes and hopefully my students learned some things. I know I did. I like teaching technique classes. We had a mexican dinner from North of the Border that was yummy. Karen really goes over the top with her raffles and gifts and food. She will start tomorrow working on the next crop! She is constantly on the look for things for her "girls" to make the crops special. You should see all the stuff in my basement for future crops! This last crop she had make-up cases. She was only able to get a certain amount from one store so she drove to several other stores to pick up enough so everyone would have the same thing. She worries about having enough things in the raffle baskets and having enough prizes for contests and having at least something for everyone. No, she doesn't make any money on the crops. Just the opposite. She puts her heart and soul into these crops and she loves it. She knows she can't please everyone but she sure as hell tries her hardest. That's what makes her crops the best! So next time please make sure to give her an extra Thanks!

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