Wednesday, April 14, 2010


SPRING CAME!!! Or maybe I should say summer is poking it's head out. It is 72 out and beautiful!! I was sitting outside putting together flowers for the crop this weekend. It's going to be so much fun. That is if I can remember everything! Old brain is in my head today! List is somewhere!!
Then on Wednesday the Bloomingdale Costco Road Show starts!!! I'm so excited! We'll have the gypsy, the expressions, awesome cartridges and a really good essentials kit. Oh, did anybody catch the Cricut Cake last night on HSN???? OMG it is amazing! I've taken several of the Wilton classes and have sold cakes but this is such a different level! If you saw it you'd understand when I say that the snowflake cake was my favorite! I would use the snowflake on the Accent Essential cartridge since it is my favorite snowflake, ever!!! Of course my husband said I don't need it. I even used the "power tool" phrase and he gave me "the look." I also told him I need it for my job. Well, he doesn't feel well so I'll wait a little bit. I have my fingers crossed.
Ok, out to lunch with a friend then back to making spring flowers!!!

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