Thursday, March 18, 2010


I have met some of the nicest people working with this new company ASM. Remember I mentioned that ProvoCraft outsourced the Cricut Road Shows? They are on top of things and it really makes me feel good when they call asking me questions about how we did things on the road shows, what worked, what didn't, how we approached customers, how we took inventory and they actually listen! I feel like a grown-up! I know that sounds strange but aren't there times in your life when you "feel" like a grown-up? When people really listen to what you have to say and follow it? You raise kids and they do their own thing, and you know they aren't listening, animals, spouses, friends, people at stores, etc. Then when someone actually pays attention, asks you questions that you know the answers to and they follow your advice it's a good feeling. We all need those. To feel like there is stuff in our head that is useful and others want to know. Those of you who do know me know how "passionate" I am about the Cricut. I said passionate, not crazy!!! lol I want everyone to have one. There are so many uses that everybody does need one. I could find a reason for anyone!! I dare you! It's a challenge--I'll ask enough questions that I WILL find a reason you need this in your life! I am THAT good! And now Cricut has come out with MORE new cartridges! What's a girl to do??? I just figured out a way to carry the many, I was going to give a number but it's almost embarrassing that now I'll need to expand! Hi, my name is Thea and I'm a Cricut addict! Tho this is one addiction I will never give up!!! The people at ASM are really putting a lot of work into making this a success and I am right there with them and it's gonna be big! Oh, we're also working with Joann's and Michael's so watch for us! My first local show will be at the Bloomingdale Costco April 21-25 so come see me so you too can enjoy the Cricut experience via Thea! Lots of special prices!! BTW- that's the Costco I go to so it'll be fun to see faces I know!!!


So, I realize March is to come in like a lion and out like a lamb, and the weather is up and down and all that but yesterday was BEAUTIFUL here in Chi-town for St. Patrick's Day. We walked up to Flip Flop's Bar for a bit of green beer and it was strange seeing my kids' friends drinking when it used to be MY friends. Everyone was Chi-rish last night. That's short for Chicago Irish!! Flip Flops is owned by my daughter's friend's parents which is kinda nice! Anyway, we walked home, see being smart and safe. Today is supposed to be wonderful today then the weatherman used a four-letter word that I didn't want to hear!!! (snow) for Saturday. Not happy. I know I said in my last post that I thought there would be another little bit of snow but deep down hoping it isn't snow. There is a St. Patrick's Day party at my house Saturday night. It's my daughter and her friends but my adult neighbors are coming to help keep an eye on things. (excuse to party, I know) This afternoon Safelite Auto Glass is coming out to fix my windshield. I was on my way out to see Karen when a truck popped up a rock and bam, I saw it coming and could do nothing about it! It hurt me to see that hole in my windshield. I've never had that happen before. I just hope this fixes it enough so it barely looks like it happened and so I don't have to get a new windshield anytime soon. Tho, knowing me, being able to see it will make me want to replace the whole thing but the cost of a new one is not going to be cheap. It's a weather sensitive windshield and so, that's fo later.
Ok, time to get busy, I really need to work on my scrap room, so i can get some samples made to take to Vegas for our convention but I procrastinate and will most likely get my cricut out on the kitchen table instead of in my room!! Fairy godmother---plkease wave your wand and fix my room!!

Monday, March 15, 2010


The "Spring Fling" crop is coming up and I'm getting excited! The theme is Sweet 16 since it's the 16th year for National Scrapbook Day which is officially the first Saturday in May. So we're doing lots of different things based around Sweet 16. (and you thought I was going to spill the beans!!) gotcha!! It's very exciting so if you're signed up to go I promise you'll have fun. I'll be teaching several classes. One on the new misting techniques and I'll have stencils cut from the Cricut and if you've never embossed, now is the time to learn!

Oh, I have to brag about my son. Erik made the English Honor Society and I think that's kinda cool. He's majoring in English at NIU and finishes up in August. Him and I have a fantastic relationship. We talk about everything. We can have intelligent conversations about so many different things. History, art, music, movies, books, you name it, we'll talk about it. He's also a sensitive guy. He'll call his grandparents just to say hi. What 21 year old does things like that? He's polite, loves kids, and they love him back. There are 2 little girls who are cousins, one is 6 the other is 1 who both are in love with him. The 6 year old says she's going to marry him and the 1 year old just lights up when she sees him. I have people come up to me and tell me he stopped by when he was in town to see how they were. Like at places he used to work. Friends' parents. Or even just when he sees people out and about. He just amazes me. I feel very blessed to have him in my life.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Time Flies

Busy, Busy, Busy!! So many changes over the past few weeks! The pilot program for the Provocraft/Costco Road Shows has gotten so big and a lot of the Costcos have requested our demos that ProvoCraft had to outsource the program to ASM. I was very lucky to have asked to hop on there as a ProvoCraft Field Event Manager and I couldn't be happier! I get to help others learn how to demo the Cricut all over the place. I love the traveling, meeting the customers, and of course I love my Cricut! No, I will not tell you how many cartridges I own because my husband can read this!!! lol My daughter even used it last night to cut some letters for her presentation for college class! So I'll be hitting the road and I'll keep you up-dated on my adventures!!
Keep on cutting. Have you seen the new cartridges that are coming out??? OMG, I need them in my life!!!!