Tuesday, November 27, 2007


I can't believe December is just around the corner!!! My in-laws were here for Thanksgiving. Enough said about that. My daughter got her nose pierced. It started out as a joke, then she went and had it done for real. It looks cute but I was going to take her to get her belly button done for her 17th birthday. Have to think about it now.
This friday I am going to TEXAS!!!! My friend Dona is getting married!! She has found her man. I am so happy for her. It's great to see her smiling and so happy. She deserves it. Dona is one of my on-line scrapping friends. But she's also my "sister." She's always there when I need her. I'm also getting the chance to take one of my other "sisters" on her first airplane ride. That's Corinna. She's all confused right now and doesn't know what to feel so it's all jumbled up. On one hand she's excited to go to Dona's wedding, but then she's nervous about the plane ride, and being away from her little girl, and getting to meet the rest of our crazy scrap bunch. It will be a little bit sad that Erm and Klo won't be able to be there but we will just have to have a drink for each of them!! Gosh darn, hate to have to do that!!! lol Klo is sending a "flat klo" so she's there since she has met just about all of us!! Here's our little band of scrappers: Klo and Erm from Nebraska, Edie and Jill from California, Thea and Corinna from Illinois and Nikki and Dona from Texas. Now that's cool.

Monday, November 5, 2007


OK-who turned off the heat??? My bottom is cold and I have a strange feeling it will be this way until May. And I don't like it. The weather person mentioned flurries and that doesn't make me happy either. Oh sure, pretty to look at but then they can go away. I have nothing against the hustle and bustle of the holiday season. I lied, I do, I hate the running around and doing most of the work and worrying about what to get everybody and whether they like it or not and then Christmas Day comes and all he had to do was buy me something and he gave it no thought. Or very little thought. Then it's over and it's winter and I hibernate. Don't get anything done, just like a bear.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007


It's just not the same. When I was growing up you didn't go out trick-or-treating UNTIL dark, but now there are set hours. And they end right after dark. From 3 pm until 7 pm. Right now it is 4:30 and we have only had 3 groups come and one was the paper boy and his friends but we gave them candy anyway!! The other 2 groups were middle-school aged kids too!!! When Erik and Brittany were little I loved dressing them up and Jeff would take them house to house with the rest of the neighbors' kids. Brittany (16yo) is pretty much the youngest and she's getting ready to go to work! Kind of sad really. I didn't decorate, don't even have a pumpkin. Hopefully I will get in the Christmas spirit. I've been looking at ideas for cards. I did do a layout for Jill's challenge. It's here. Check it out.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007


I thought I'd tell you about my neighbors. They are the coolest bunch of people I know. We lived in Hong Kong for 3 years and I refused to sell the house because I wanted a home to come home to and a family to come home to. They are our family. My kids have grown up with these awesome people and they know that there is always someone they can talk to. We all look out for each other. My husband Jeff had to live in New York for 2 years because of work and who was there to help when the water heater broke? They were. ANYTIME!!! Day or night. Hey, Thea, close your garage door. Oops. Can you guys let Rocky out? Hey, who has a bottle of Patron in the freezer??? Guess who?? My family. The Sanoshys, Ludwigs, Coreys,and the Muhrs. The Kalamazoo Krew. Gotts love ya!!!

Thus it has begun

Ok, I've jumped on the blogmobile. Of course that means I need to keep it up. Not everyday but pretty much on a regular basis. As long as I can remember. I have to find out how to put things on here and jazz it up a bit. Luckily I have friends like Corinna, Jill, Klo, Nicky and Dona who all have blogs to help me. Edie is on the edge. These are all amazing scrappers who I admire so much. We also have Erm who rocks too. These women make up my online network of scrappers who have been with me through so much. See what scrapping can do!!! We are all over the country, we scrap and we are sisters! They are always there, no matter what. Ok, lets see how this blog thing works!!