Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Thus it has begun

Ok, I've jumped on the blogmobile. Of course that means I need to keep it up. Not everyday but pretty much on a regular basis. As long as I can remember. I have to find out how to put things on here and jazz it up a bit. Luckily I have friends like Corinna, Jill, Klo, Nicky and Dona who all have blogs to help me. Edie is on the edge. These are all amazing scrappers who I admire so much. We also have Erm who rocks too. These women make up my online network of scrappers who have been with me through so much. See what scrapping can do!!! We are all over the country, we scrap and we are sisters! They are always there, no matter what. Ok, lets see how this blog thing works!!


kraftyladyincali said...

wooo hooo!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hello my little friend! Welcome to blogger world!


Klo said...

Say Hello to my little friend...I'm so glad you are doing this....I'm like you, i have to remember that I'm doing a blog too...LOL