Wednesday, October 31, 2007


It's just not the same. When I was growing up you didn't go out trick-or-treating UNTIL dark, but now there are set hours. And they end right after dark. From 3 pm until 7 pm. Right now it is 4:30 and we have only had 3 groups come and one was the paper boy and his friends but we gave them candy anyway!! The other 2 groups were middle-school aged kids too!!! When Erik and Brittany were little I loved dressing them up and Jeff would take them house to house with the rest of the neighbors' kids. Brittany (16yo) is pretty much the youngest and she's getting ready to go to work! Kind of sad really. I didn't decorate, don't even have a pumpkin. Hopefully I will get in the Christmas spirit. I've been looking at ideas for cards. I did do a layout for Jill's challenge. It's here. Check it out.

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