Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Scrap To The Bone


September 30th Oct 1st & 2nd 2011

Eaglewood Resort and Spa

1401 Nordic Rd, Itasca, IL 60143


Ghoulz Rulz this weekend for a Spooktacular cropping event!! Vendors from the nether world will bring products from down under!! Make sure that you check all items before going home! Might find Uncle Fester’s finger in one of the packages. Eye popping Raffles & a Squeamish game or two is a must! Bring a snack to pass (Please no eye of newt). Friday start time TBA. Sat 8am to 3 am Sun 8am to 4:30 pm

Crop fees are due by August 26 2011. (Late fee $10.00 after 27th) NOW I hope that you are reading this registration form. The first 35 ladies that sign up will have a super take home gift! Weekend fee of $65 For 1 day fee $37 non refundable Meals TBA later per e-mail. $95.00 a night plus tax are the room rates. Your room comes with one King size bed or 2 queen size beds. (Max 4 to a room, no resort fee) You are responsible for booking your own guest rooms Ask for Tower 1 closer to the cropping room. Make your room reservation with Veronica Nevarez 630-773-1400

Pack a sweater, comfy clothes and slippers. I will have Creative Memories card stock, stickers, some new Creative Memories products, a few non-Creative Memories punches, and a wide variety of Sizzix dies. Thea will have her Gypsy there for other embellishments.

Linda & Thea will show you some new projects that will add goose bumps to your body!

Ken will work on your albums in his dungeon! Joey will add his chilling touches!

Pam & Sherry will tempt you with their Ghoulish albums and laser cut dies!

Renee Blazeski will bring her entourage of nether world friends

We will be having a pumpkin contest! Please bring a decorated pumpkin or gourd no more than 8 inches diameter or 8 inches long. Decorate it anyway you want. Please let me know if you will be

Entering in this contest.

----------------------------------------cut here & send---------------------------------------

PLEASE PRE-ORDER. I WILL HAVE YOUR PRODUCTS AT THE CROP. Due to the vast amount of Creative Memories products I will not have all the items there. IF YOU DO PLACE A PRE-ORDER OVER $65.00 YOU WILL RECEIVE A 10% discount

MY Order:__________________________________________________________________________


I would like to sit with________________________________________________Electric Outlet ____yes

Please include me for dinner on Friday night $10 tax tip & del incl YES______YES____ _for Dinner on Sat night $12 dessert tax tip& del charge

Meals will be determined a month before the event. Checks will not be cashed until Aug 26 2011

Name:__________________________Email______________________________ Address:___________________________City&Zip:___________PH___________

Send Registration form to: Karen Klos *1211 Union Drive *Davis Junction IL *61020 karenklos@hot 630-930-9392

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Yes, 2 posts in one day!!! As I said my mother is in town so we have 3 generations together. I'll post a picture. The interesting thing is my husband turned 50 in June and I think he feels the need to prove he's only in his 30s. He has been doing major projects on the house lately leaving me exhausted. The man does not sleep!! We got a new front door put in--big double with storm door. He got bare wood and we needed to paint. These past 3 weekends he put in a hardwood floor in the living room and dining room. It's bamboo and gorgeous! He did an amazing job. He's finishing up the trim today--staining was done yesterday by me and I have to finish putting poly on it so he can put it on on Saturday. Then maybe we can get the furniture out of my garage and I can put my car back in there. He planted more flowers. Oh, our mailbox got blown up at 2:00 in the morning on July 4th. M80 most likely so he had to replace that too. He's replacing more parts in Brittany's (dd) car. I get tired just watching him. AND it's my birthday week. So I turn 51 and my body tells me I'm close to 100! My fibro and bone disease is really doing a number on me. Of course I can't just do nothing, gotta use my elbows so then they hurt more but what else can I do?? Reminds me of that George Carlin joke about age: (paraphrasing)

"You're 4 and a half, gonna be 16, become 21, you turn 30, pushing 40, reach 50 and make it to 60, you hit 70, then you hit wednesday, you get into your 80's and hit lunch, you turn 4:30 and make it to bedtime, then in your 90's you say I was just 92. If you make it over 100 you're like a little kid again- you go backwards - 'I'm a 100 and a half!'"

Have a great week!!!

don't forget about Under the Big Top crop the weekend of the 15th, 16th, and 17th!!! There will be animal acts, sight to amaze and delight you! Games and prizes!!!


Found summer and boy it's been pretty nice most days. We've had a few of those hot ones and today is humid but give me these over the ones my parents get in AZ! My mother is in town visiting and she's enjoying the weather too.

A few weeks ago I was in Wichita, yes I know, who goes to Wichita, but we found some cute stores, to attend The Angel Company's 2011 Seminar. This comapany is really impressive. They have stamps made by different designers, some of them in-house, beautiful lines of paper and they carry Copic Markers and Memento Inks. But that wasn't what hit me the most. Yes they are in the business to make money, but they are so supportive of their "Angels" (reps) that the owner or her husband actually is involved directly with them. As in phone calls, emails- not form letters or such but they know about you and your family and they ask about them and actually care. Mischelle and her husband actually hugged me. I was just a guest yet they took the time to meet me and talked with me latter and remembered who I was. There was no pressure whatsoever. It all came from the heart. When they gave us the new catalog the girls who had samples in it were so excited. They were surprised. Several were sitting at my table and they were just "normal" people. No airs about them, chatted with me, didn't act superior in ny way. It was really cool. When I asked some of them to sign my catalog they were even embarrassed but I told them they should be honored. I'm not going to lie and say there was no talk about sales but it really does come down to personal choice and how much you put into it. BUT, no pushing to do more, do better....Acceptance at whatever level you're at. A very unusual direct sales meeting. A very nice change. I've been to several other companies' "rah rah" sessions and higher level management pushed about sales---sell this much by this time or-----. AND the other companies don't let you use any product not their own. I don't have to use TAG cardstock, ribbon, etc. I can use my Cricut AND my TAG supplies for classes. Who does that. If you hadn't figured out by now, yes I did become an Angel. You can join as a hobbyist. Minimum sales requirement is: wait for it------$100 every 3 months. I can do that just on my own selling to myself!!! But after showing a few people the projects I made at Seminar I already have orders. LOL I'll have my Angel link hooked up soon so I'll post it here for you. If you are creative, Ivy, you can submit your designs, Ivy, and have your own line, Ivy then who knows what can happen from there Ivy. (lol)

Thursday, June 16, 2011


Ok, I know the weather can be erratic but this is crazy!!! One week it's 90 the next it's 70- so of course those of us with bone problems and migraines are going crazy!! OK- no comments, I know I'm crazy but this is ridiculous!!

It's going to be a very crafty summer! I'm going to The Angel Company's Convention in Witchita, there is the CHA Trade Show, Karen's & my crop, Cricut classes, Scrapbook Expo and various other classes and crops. I'm so excited. I love being creative and making things for other people. I also love teaching people all about new things. Today I was helping a friend learn how to blend using her Copic markers. Love it!

The other day I was in Memories & Beyond and they so graciously donated some great things for our raffles for our July crop! They are such great ladies there. It seems every time I go there I find more and more travel papers that I have to have!! Some of it is so nice I don't want to cover it up with pictures! I still have my 3 years of Asia pictures to scrap and we've been back 10 years!! (Slacker!!) Last October I did my wedding album done just in time for our 25th anniversary! But, that's ok.

My best advice is to start where you are at. Take the next group of pictures you print out and scrap them. You don't need to scrap them all. Just your favorite ones. Make sure you get the important info on there--Who, What, When and Where. It's about the memories and the photos. all the embellishments won't matter if you don't tell the story. Think back to what you wish you knew about your ancestors. Your future generations want to know those things about you so don't feel "weird" about putting it down on paper. If you don't have pictures of an event- write about it anyway. Your story is what is important. Ok, enough preaching--just do it!

Support your local scrapbook stores so they can stay!!

Monday, May 23, 2011


I am so excited!!! I will be going to the OhMyCrafts Discovering Possibilities Event in Salt Lake City in October! I get to be a student instead of a teacher!! They're having 10 classes, a trip to the warehouse, lots of fun activities and more. It's my birthday present from the hubby. Check out the website- and put in discovering possibilities event into the search box. It sounds like such a blast and I can't wait to go. If anybody signs up put my name in the referral box. Yes, I do get something out of it but it's never happened on a referral so it would be fun! And let me know if you're going so we can meet up!!

Thanks Amy for putting this together!!!!!

Monday, May 9, 2011

July Crop


Lions, Tigers, Bears, OH MY!

July 15TH 16TH 17TH 2011

Welcome to the Greatest Crop at

Eaglewood Resort & Spa!

1401 Nordic Rd, Itasca, IL 60143


Fri to 6:30pm - 3am-- Sat 8am to 3am-- Sun 8am to 4:30 pm Cropping rooms Arrowhead & Hollyhock.

Weekend of endless cropping, raffles, & games! We won’t forget the peanuts!

Crop fees are due by May 30th 2011. (Late fees after June 1st will be $10.00) Fees for the weekend are $65.00 Crop and for one day $37.00 CROP Fees are non refundable

Room rates are $95.00 plus tax per night. (Summer Rates no resort fees which is $12.95 a night)

The rooms has either 1 King size bed or 2 queens. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR RESERVING YOUR OWN GUEST ROOM. Make your room reservations under: Karen’s Overnight Crops (Tower 1

Is closer to our conference room) Reservations please ask for Veronica Nevarez 630-694-5915

I will be bringing, Creative Memories card stock, stickers, some new Creative Memories products.

Wide variety of Sizzix dies and punches will be there for your use. Thea will have all her Cricut cartridges on the Gypsy. Temperature changes in the cropping room. Pack a sweater & comfy clothes. Slippers are great in the evening.

Meals are on your own. Please bring your own beverages. (Assorted tea bags, hot chocolate, are supplied by me)

Water and ice near the cropping room. Fri/Sat dinners to be announced if we have enough to participate

Everyone PLEASE bring something for us to munch on during the weekend crop. We all enjoyed the past appetizers and desserts. Let’s do it again!!

RINGMASTER Thea White & Linda Holland will announce their classes soon!

Ken will be there Fri or Sat to highlight your albums with beautiful heat embossed letters & designs

Joey will be there Saturday at 3:30 reserve a seat for his magnificent magic massages ($1 a min.)

Pam & Sherry will splendor you with their amazing array of personal laser cut albums &die cuts (return bottom pls)

PLEASE PRE ORDER I have a limited inventory of Creative Memories products.

If you need albums, refill pgs, Pg. protectors, tape runner or tape runner refills, or any other

CM products, I will have your order at the crop. I would like to order_____________________________________



Crop fees Non- refundable (Register Early Only 47 Seats Available)

Registration Crop Form: $65.00 Weekend Fee______$37.00 Daily Fee_______ Late Charge $10.00 After JUNE 1st 2011

Mail form to: Your Host Karen Klos 1211 Union Drive Davis Junction, IL 61020 ph# 630-930-9392

Name_________________________________________________________Dinner Fri Yes_______Dinner Sat Yes______



Email______________________________________________________Electircal Outlet Yes___________________No______________

Please seat me by____________________________________________Special requests________________________________________



through today get a FREE Your Story bundle---the big one just by ordering one of the listed Cricut cartridges!!!! They all seem to be $39.95. I went ahead and did it so I could use both for raffle prizes for my crops. The bundle is worth $100 so it is a great deal!! Don't miss it!!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Strange idea

I was one of the original demonstrators who traveled around the country showing people how to use the Cricut machines and also selling them. I really loved doing it. The machines are wonderful and really add to my scrapbooking and cardmaking projects so I get excited when I can teach people how to use them. In my demo kit which I was given the option of purchasing at a pretty good price there was a pink plastic cake that we used to put the cuttings from the Cricut Cake machine on. I'm not quite sure what I will do with this but I thought of sending it around to other demonstrators and have us all sign it and send it to Provo. Kind of like a memento. Ok, I have a stress fracture in my right foot but I'm not on pain meds so I can't really blame this idea on that so I don't know where it came from.

I met up with some fellow Illinois Cricut Circlettes on Saturday and it was fun. I actually got a 2-page layout done WITH PICTURES!!! Of course it helped that I had to stay put since I'm usually running around socializing and helping other people. So this stress fracture put a crimp in my style so to speak.

Oh there is a new little creature here at home. We're fostering another black lab who came from the tornadoes of Alabama. His name is Toby and he's about 9 weeks old and only 7 pounds so we need to put some weight on him. He's a little cutie. Very quiet but he isn't shaking so I hope he isn't traumatized.

Time to put some ice on my foot.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

President's Day

Tomorrow is President's Day. They lumped all the presidents together and we celebrate them on one day. My husband works at a bank but he doesn't get a bank holiday tho that's a good thing! It's snowing instead of raining which is also a good thing. In my head it is spring and that too is a good thing. Soon I'll be able to sit outside on my brick patio and soak up some sunshine and read and work on my scrap classes and get excited over the upcoming crops, the scrap events I'm going to and all the new scrap relationships I'm making. There seems to be an instant bond when you tell someone you scrap and they do too. Like you're in a club or a secret society. You don't have to go through any pledge class or hazing but you are already "in." Feels pretty good. All my best friends are papercrafters. The energy I get from them rejuvenates me and inspires me.
One of the classes I'm teaching at the April crop is using the Cricut and vinyl. And I think I'm also going to throw etching in there as well. Using the negative as well as the positive parts of the vinyl. A great gift for Mother's Day or a gift for yourself! Once I learn how to add a picture to my posts---oh Corinna---------I will do that!

stay dry!!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Spring Please!!!

Today the temperature actually got into the high 40's!!! Please let that mean that spring is just around the corner!!!! Pretty please. I sure would like this snow to disappear. At one point we actually had a little over 24 inches on the ground. Now I know what you're thinking--did I build an igloo. No but the puppies sure had a great time. They loved it! I can't remember if I mentioned in the last point that the little pups had mange. Did you know that people can get it too???? Nasty thing that. Max and Toby got shots for 3 weeks and healed pretty quickly. On the other hand it took me longer to get over it. I had to go through 2 applications of permethrin but I'm finally itch-free except for the usual winter dry skin. I actually had bruises where I had scratched because I itched so bad!!!
Speaking of puppies, Toby got adopted on Sunday but Max, the yellow lab mix still needs a Forever Home so if anyone is looking for a cute adorable HEALTHY puppy he's here!!

I've been doing The Brave Girls Club Soul Restoration class and it has been very eye-opening. Learning a lot of things about myself which is a very good thing.
The January Crop was so much fun!!! We had Linda Holland come and had a great Copic make-n-take valentine's card. So cute! I love learning how to use my markers. Naturally we had our chinese meal on Saturday night. New Hong Kong restaurant did a great job with all the food! Fortune cookies were had by all. Karen outdid herself with the raffle prizes but then again she always does. We have started planning the April crop. In fact, we started that before the January crop!

Ring Ring, Ring Ring, It’s our

Spring Fling

April 15TH 16TH 17TH 2011

Eaglewood Resort & Spa

1401 Nordic Rd, Itasca, IL 60143


Fri noon to 3am-- Sat 8am to 3am--Sun 8am to 4:30 pm will be in the Blue Stem and Wild Rye rooms.

Calling all scrappers! Join us for a weekend of endless cropping, some raffles, games and continuous fun for everyone! There will be new ideas & beautiful designed palettes for spring.

Crop fees are due by March 5th 2011 (Late fees after the 5th will be $10.00) Fees for one day $37.00 Fees for the weekend are $65.00 Crop Fees are non refundable. Checks will not be cashed until 3/5/2011 Vendors and services to be announced later.

Room rates are $79 plus tx no resort fee. Make you room reservations with Veronica Nevarez

I will be bringing, Creative Memories card stock, stickers, some new Creative Memories products.

Wide variety of Sizzix dies and punches will be there for your use. Please clean out the paper that is stuck in the die and put them back where you found them. I cannot afford to replace them if they are damaged. There are temperature changes in the cropping room. Pack a sweater & comfy clothes. Slippers are great in the evening.

Meals are on your own. Please bring your own beverage. (I do bring some tea bags, hot chocolate and instant coffee) There will be water and ice near the cropping room. As a group, some of the ladies like to order Pizza/salads, or make a run to Portillos. Friday/Saturday night is when we order dinner ahead of time. Classes to be announced in February.

PLEASE PRE ORDER I have a limited inventory of Creative Memories products.

If you need albums, refill pgs, Pg. protectors, tape runner or tape runner refills, or any other

CM products, I will have your order at the crop. Pre-orders over $65.00 will get a 10% discount. I would like to order: ___________________________________________________

Crop fees are Non refundable (Register Early limited Seats Available)

Registration Crop Form: $65.00 Weekend Fee $37.00 Daily Fee Late Charge is $10.00 After March 5th



Email______________________________________________________Cell phone______________________________

I would like to sit with_______________________________________________________________________________


Sat night dinner will be: Mexican Tacos, Enchiladas, Burritos, Taco Salad, Rice& Beans from North of the Border & Dessert

I will bring the soft drinks for Fri/Sat dinner $10.00 incl tx tip&del/Sat night. $12.00 includes tax, tip, and del charge

Friday Night Dinner (Please write down your favorite)_______________________________________________

SATURDAY NIGHT DINNER YES______________ (North of the Border) No have other plans ________


We are working on the classes for the crop. Linda and I are both planning some fun events. Spring will be in full swing that weekend so get ready to crop!!