Thursday, June 16, 2011


Ok, I know the weather can be erratic but this is crazy!!! One week it's 90 the next it's 70- so of course those of us with bone problems and migraines are going crazy!! OK- no comments, I know I'm crazy but this is ridiculous!!

It's going to be a very crafty summer! I'm going to The Angel Company's Convention in Witchita, there is the CHA Trade Show, Karen's & my crop, Cricut classes, Scrapbook Expo and various other classes and crops. I'm so excited. I love being creative and making things for other people. I also love teaching people all about new things. Today I was helping a friend learn how to blend using her Copic markers. Love it!

The other day I was in Memories & Beyond and they so graciously donated some great things for our raffles for our July crop! They are such great ladies there. It seems every time I go there I find more and more travel papers that I have to have!! Some of it is so nice I don't want to cover it up with pictures! I still have my 3 years of Asia pictures to scrap and we've been back 10 years!! (Slacker!!) Last October I did my wedding album done just in time for our 25th anniversary! But, that's ok.

My best advice is to start where you are at. Take the next group of pictures you print out and scrap them. You don't need to scrap them all. Just your favorite ones. Make sure you get the important info on there--Who, What, When and Where. It's about the memories and the photos. all the embellishments won't matter if you don't tell the story. Think back to what you wish you knew about your ancestors. Your future generations want to know those things about you so don't feel "weird" about putting it down on paper. If you don't have pictures of an event- write about it anyway. Your story is what is important. Ok, enough preaching--just do it!

Support your local scrapbook stores so they can stay!!

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