Sunday, February 20, 2011

President's Day

Tomorrow is President's Day. They lumped all the presidents together and we celebrate them on one day. My husband works at a bank but he doesn't get a bank holiday tho that's a good thing! It's snowing instead of raining which is also a good thing. In my head it is spring and that too is a good thing. Soon I'll be able to sit outside on my brick patio and soak up some sunshine and read and work on my scrap classes and get excited over the upcoming crops, the scrap events I'm going to and all the new scrap relationships I'm making. There seems to be an instant bond when you tell someone you scrap and they do too. Like you're in a club or a secret society. You don't have to go through any pledge class or hazing but you are already "in." Feels pretty good. All my best friends are papercrafters. The energy I get from them rejuvenates me and inspires me.
One of the classes I'm teaching at the April crop is using the Cricut and vinyl. And I think I'm also going to throw etching in there as well. Using the negative as well as the positive parts of the vinyl. A great gift for Mother's Day or a gift for yourself! Once I learn how to add a picture to my posts---oh Corinna---------I will do that!

stay dry!!

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