Thursday, March 18, 2010


I have met some of the nicest people working with this new company ASM. Remember I mentioned that ProvoCraft outsourced the Cricut Road Shows? They are on top of things and it really makes me feel good when they call asking me questions about how we did things on the road shows, what worked, what didn't, how we approached customers, how we took inventory and they actually listen! I feel like a grown-up! I know that sounds strange but aren't there times in your life when you "feel" like a grown-up? When people really listen to what you have to say and follow it? You raise kids and they do their own thing, and you know they aren't listening, animals, spouses, friends, people at stores, etc. Then when someone actually pays attention, asks you questions that you know the answers to and they follow your advice it's a good feeling. We all need those. To feel like there is stuff in our head that is useful and others want to know. Those of you who do know me know how "passionate" I am about the Cricut. I said passionate, not crazy!!! lol I want everyone to have one. There are so many uses that everybody does need one. I could find a reason for anyone!! I dare you! It's a challenge--I'll ask enough questions that I WILL find a reason you need this in your life! I am THAT good! And now Cricut has come out with MORE new cartridges! What's a girl to do??? I just figured out a way to carry the many, I was going to give a number but it's almost embarrassing that now I'll need to expand! Hi, my name is Thea and I'm a Cricut addict! Tho this is one addiction I will never give up!!! The people at ASM are really putting a lot of work into making this a success and I am right there with them and it's gonna be big! Oh, we're also working with Joann's and Michael's so watch for us! My first local show will be at the Bloomingdale Costco April 21-25 so come see me so you too can enjoy the Cricut experience via Thea! Lots of special prices!! BTW- that's the Costco I go to so it'll be fun to see faces I know!!!

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