Sunday, April 11, 2010


Actually this is Vegas Part 2! While I was in Vegas I actually played the roulette wheel. My neighbor had given me $5 to put on #11. So, I had never been to Vegas and had never played Roulette, my friend Sesil had to teach me. We walked up to the table and I put $5 on #11 and it hit! Paid $175!!!! So, then I put the $5 on #7, my favorite number and that hit too!!! Another $175!!! I walked away. I'm not stupid. Put that money aside, kept the chip for good luck and went to play the penny slots. Love the Goldfish Game! lol
They asked me to do a show in Tucson so I flew straight there instead of coming home. So instead of having Easter with my husband and kids I had it with my parents which was nice. Except, we were sitting there watching Cops on TV when I felt something really weird. At first I thought I was having a seizure. No, I don't normally have seizures, but you never know. Then I thought my dad was having one and banging against the wall so I looked over at him but he was fine. I looked out the window to see if something was going on out there. Nothing. so I kept quiet. Then my dad said, "Did you feel that??," Thank God, I told him because I thought I was having a seizure!! He turned CNN on and we found out that there was an earthquake in Baja! Wow! It lasted for a bit. Very bizarre. I had missed the one earlier this year in Illinois but this one I felt. My parents live in Coolidge AZ between Tucson and Arizona.
The Tucson Show went well! Weather was great and the people were very receptive.

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