Monday, May 10, 2010

Done with the run

Wow! A very busy 3 weeks. A show in Bloomingdale, Il, then Merrillville, IN, then Bedford Park, IL. I'm just a little bit tired to say the least. I do like doing shows at Costcos in my area because then I get to see people I haven't for a while and get to meet new people. And since I'm just soooo shy, it's hard for me to talk to people! Yeah, right. lol All the shows did well. I've trained new people who really got the hang of the machine and learned how to deal with different kinds of customers.

In fact, yesterday I had a guy who came by and really made me work for the sale. It's good because sometimes you get too comfortable with giving out information by rote that to be asked questions is a nice change of pace. Even if it's the last day of 3 weeks of shows, long days and very tired feet. But, I digress. He actually asked why he should by the Cricut and some accessories and I had to use all my skills and knowledge to show him why he had to have this in his life for his wife and kids. Good thing I had a pink castle made with the Once Upon a Castle Cartridge! He had a 6 year old princess at home! He asked me to give him a percentage of how sure I was that I would make the sale and I did say 95%. I know better than to say 100% because they can always walk away due to free will. But, in the end, not only my ability to prove the value of the Cricut but my charm and personality convinced him to buy not only the machine, but the accessory kit as well as a cartridge bundle. ( Though I do think he was going to buy it all along chance are he just had time to kill before heading home to a house full of Mothers for Mother's Day. shh) Yes, I threw in the castle, a couple of cards and he got the Cricut box with the pink bow and "MOM" take on it. Whatever it takes, right? (within reason, lol)

so, now to get my house organized, stop laughing, I can hear you ya know!

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Anonymous said...

I'm sure it was TOTALLY your charm that put him over the edge! LOL