Thursday, January 7, 2010

Snow Day!!

Ok, snow is piling up everywhere! Played with my cricut today. Made my son a cool vinyl dragon for his laptop and it turned out pretty cool. I'll try and write up the steps with pictures by Sunday. We also put a rose and our family quote. Erik was in England over the summer studying at Oxford and did a little research on our last name and came up with a few things. Tho I think WHITE might be a bit common, but who knows. I signed up for to find out more on my side of the family. I've been following a few people on twitter and entered an '80's movie trivia contest on site. I think I may have won but I'm waiting patiently, ok, not so patiently, to find out. Will keep you posted.

Tuesday Erik and I put together several wooden puzzles for the Chinese New Year crop and they are so cool. I'll have to put pics here too. I did the Temple of Happiness that is in Bejing and Erik made a cool dragon/phoenix. They are 3-d and pretty impressive. I'm going to go check pioneer woman's blog....

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