Sunday, January 10, 2010

Back to school

My boy left to go back to school today. He has 2 semesters left to go. Where did the time go? He will have a degree in English then get a teaching certificate so he can teach. He's excited. but of course it makes me feel old! My daughter turns 19 on Wednesday. It's coming from both sides. Brittany will go to the community college this semester which I think is a good idea tho she thinks since our agreement is that we pay room and board and she pays tuition is that we give her the money we would be paying for room and board since she'll be living at home. Um, excuse me? Sometimes I wonder where she came from. She sometimes has this "entitled" attitude. Like for her birthday she thinks nothing of asking for 5 different kinds of perfume and being a bit put out that she didn't get all 5. Anyway back to scrapping.
I applied for a design team and I'm excited about it. It's a brand new blog called "dirtyscraps" and the premise is to remember to scrap those not quite so perfect moments too since they are parts of your life and quite frankly, they do help form who you are. I think it's a fantastic idea and it helps put the focus back onto the subject rather than the embellishments used. They are having their first challenge and that is to scrap a peeve. I think I may do one about the lack of customer service. I was at Wal-Mart the other day buying a new area rug for the family room and the cashier was very nice and it surprised me. I try to be but it seems so many people aren't and that's so wrong. So, I will show my layout here as well as put it on the other blog.

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