Thursday, February 13, 2014

New Year New Goals

The beginning of December I had surgery on my left elbow to correct some craziness going on causing a lot of pain. The sad thing is that the pain had been going on for so many years that I wasn't sure it could be fixed. I went from doctor to doctor and finally found Dr. Mark Cohen at Rush and he fixed it!!! The joint pain is gone and right now I am going to PT to stretch out the muscles.Even with all the cold weather we have been having here in Chicago the amount of pain as been reduced to just the muscles. I could cry with relief!!! Those of you who know me can appreciate this.

So, classes will be starting in March!!! I did have a class at a crop in January and it went very well. We made a home decor item with the letters S N O W made with the Cricut and glitter paper. I need Erik to show me how to post the picture here and I must take blog lessons to post class samples so I can entice people to classes. I am also in the process of getting COPIC certified so I can offer COPIC marker classes in the studio also as people have been requesting those. When I hear if I have been accepted, because you must apply, I will let you know.

2014 is going to be a GREAT YEAR!!!

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