Friday, October 16, 2009

I'm Back!!

Well, so much has happened in the past few months! My baby girl graduated from high school and is now a freshman at Western Illinois University. It's 4 hours away from home and took a while to get used to. Rosie, the dog took it hard too. She would lay down by the front door waiting for her to come home each night. I finally had to keep her in the bedroom with the door locked so she wouldn't wander all over the house looking for her. lol Brittany seems to be doing well. We went to see her for Parent's Weekend and had a blast. The Leathernecks lost to the Southern Illinois Salukis, whatever that is, but we had fun anyway. Erik is in his senior but not final year at Northern Illinois University majoring in English Education. He was in London over the summer studying at Oxford and took over 300 pictures. Scrapbookin' Mama only had 140 printed for a scrapbook.!!! lol
The other great think that happened is that I am now employed by Provo Craft!! I get to go to different Costco stores in the Midwest and demo the Cricut! It is so much fun! I get to meet all kinds of people. Some who have seen the infomercial late at night or during the football game. Others who have no clue what it is yet end up buying it after seeing what it is and how it works. Since it is a machine guys come up to it to watch the demos! I feel very lucky to be associated with a company that has such great products!
On the 31st I'll travel to Fort Myers, FL to be with my niece when she has her baby. Since my sister passed away in April of '08 I've become very close to my nieces and was very honored when she asked me to be with her. An experience I'll never forget.
So, I've updated my blog and need to contact my blog guru to jazz it up and get more pictures up on it!!

Have a great weekend!!

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