Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Far Side

In only a few short days, though they feel kinda long- I will be heading to Italy and Greece! I cannot wait! The second honeymoon! After 25 years of marriage. Sometimes it doesn't feel that long and other times it feels much longer but that's the same way with anything. That's why we make our scrapbooks and journals and other ways of preserving our memories.

I was talking to somebody, can't remember who, the other day and asked what their grandmother's normal day was like. She said she really would like to know. You know what I'm getting at, right??? I challenged her to write down what her ordinary day was like to pass it on to HER grandchildren. She doesn't have any yet. (I remember who I was talking to) She said her days weren't interesting. But that's still something future generations would want to know about because their day-to-day life will be so different than ours. Just look back at your childhood. It was very different than our kids. In so many ways! So that should be reason enough to write it down. Even if you don't have pictures. Ali Edwards, a very famous scrapbook artist does this "A week in the life" album many times. I've even been one of her teaching assistants for one of these classes and she's right. Take some pictures of the things you see everyday- coffeepot, laptop, store you go to. Anything that is a part of your regular day, then write about it. The way these things are done 20 years from now may be so different it will bring back memories for us. Go ahead, I dare you!

I bought an 8g memory card for my camera so I am planning on taking lots of pictures. No promises on the quality! Oh, and I had to remind my husband that when we are in Greece not to be surprised when they call me goddess since that is what my name means!! So when we come back I will make him bow to me and address me as such!! tee hee I couldn't keep a straight face!


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